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If you're wondering what a doqxD actually is, then look no further, for the answer lies before you: doqxD is a home for your smart home device. It's as simple as that, and so is our mission: to make connected homes more efficient through the use of our smart home accessories. And we want you to have big, happy, smiley faces while we do it.

We're a team of engineers, designers, and parents from all over the world. We get that sometimes, life gets messy - hence the birth of doqxD in our beautiful HQ in Atlanta.

For now, we've released the doqxD for Google Home Mini. Stay tuned, though - we've got more cool stuff in the works.

You can buy a doqxD in our online shop, or on Amazon. We can't beat their 2-day shipping, but we can provide customized gift options and Southern hospitality direct from our ATL care team.

Want to jazz up your gift for that special someone? Personalize your gift by selecting from one of our uniquely crafted, pre-written messages, or write your own.

Want to compose a whimsical witticism? Or are you unsure of what to write for your recipient? Upon checkout, select from our pre-written messages or write your own, and we will print it and include it in your package. All personalized messages are printed on decorative greeting cards, and are the first thing your recipient will see when they open the box.

We have a variety of gift wrapping patterns for a multitude of individual styles. At checkout, select the gift wrap add-on option, and choose a style you like. Our team will have your doqxD fully wrapped before we place it in the shipping box.

With Amazon, you do get free 2-day shipping with your Prime membership. doqxD offers 2-day shipping at carrier pricing and free standard 7-day shipping with UPS. For more details on our shipping policy, click here.

Track your order status by order number and e-mail address here.

There is a step-by-by instruction guide included in each and every doqxD package. If you prefer to watch instead of read, view our how-to videos here to learn more about doqxD installation. Additionally, we are reachable by chat, e-mail, Twitter, or phone. Let us know how we can help.

doqxD for Google Home Mini can be installed on vertical or horizontal outlets in any room of the house. Undecided on where to place it in the room? Get inspired from our own experts and other doqxD owners just like you!

Need more help? No problem. Visit our Contact page to find all the ways you can get in touch.

Uh oh! We're sorry for the trouble - get in touch with someone from our care team in Atlanta, and we'll send you a shipping label to send it back.

We only ship within the United States at the moment. We're working hard to get doqxD all over the world soon, so stay tuned!

We know that home decoration can be challenging, especially for smart home owners who are new to the whole smart tech game. That's why we put together a team of expert designers to give you the best ideas on how to use your doqxD throughout your home. And because our imaginations are limitless, we want to include your design ideas, too.

Great question! Showcase your doqxD smart home design and provide helpful advice to other doqxD users by submitting your idea here.

You've heard of "Too Long, Didn't Read," right? And you know that the Internet-slang, abbreviated version of that phrase is TLDR. We've flipped the lingo on its head and birthed "SmartLDR," a blog name that does the humble bragging for us. SmartLDR means that our team of pros are smart leaders; we understand smart home news and information, and we don't waste time on superfluous words. We're straightforward, and we're going to keep it that way.

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