doqxD 13.5" Firetruck Toy Stand for Amazon Echo Glow, Echo Dot 3rd Generation

doqxD Firetruck is the perfect bedside companion for you or your child’s Amazon Echo Glow and Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation.

The Firetruck provides a colorful docking stand and playable toy vehicle for your Echo Glow smart lamp and Echo Dot smart speaker.

Clean up your Echo Glow and Echo Dot's cords while keeping them protected from falls and spills.

  • DESIGNED FOR AMAZON ECHO GLOW, ECHO DOT, ECHO DOT KIDS 3rd GEN - Echo Glow, Echo Dot sold separately
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR ECHO GLOW NIGHT LIGHT - Holds your Echo Glow, Echo Dot securely and keeps cords neatly wrapped
  • FULLY FUNCTIONING WHEELS AND DECALS - Includes a full set of sticker decals for decorating your Firetruck with your child
  • BUILT WITH HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE, SAFE MATERIALS - BPA Free, Phthalates Free, PVC Free makes it safe for your child to use
  • EXTRA STORAGE SPACE FOR ADDITIONAL USABILITY - Removable lid reveals hidden compartment for storing anything you'd like
  • FITS ECHO DOT 4th GEN TOO - Remove the Echo Glow and insert your Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids Edition 4th Gen for a secure fight

The Firetruck is compatible with your Amazon Echo Glow, Echo Dot, or Echo Dot Kids Edition (3rd or 4th Generation)

    *Amazon Echo Glow and Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition are sold separately (not included)