doqxD Wall Outlet Mount for Google Home Mini Carbon Edition

Designed for the ultimate smart home enthusiast with a passion for automotive tuning, the doqxD Wall Outlet Mount for Google Home Mini Carbon Edition is a limited production model, crafted using the same high-strength ABS plastic on our Frost White Outlet Mount, while offering a unique form in a sleek carbon fiber-style design.

  • Limited to 743 total units
  • Each doqxD Carbon Edition is individually inscribed by its production model number
  • Includes twenty inscribed (20) Carbon Edition dress-up washers and bolts for a unique, DIY, under-the-hood mod
  • Special Carbon Black doqxD packaging design
  • Limited to one quantity per purchase

Meet doqxD for Google Home Mini, a wall outlet mount that keeps your Mini secure and cord-free.

We wanted your Mini to have its own home - somewhere it can keep its cord tucked away while helping you live a smarter life.

We designed doqxD to be easy-to-install, remove, and take with you, so that you can enjoy your Mini wherever you are.

We use durable, high-strength ABS materials to provide a secure, strong grip, so that the Mini will always stay upright and flush with any surface, whether you have a vertical or horizontal outlet. doqxD for Google Home Mini will fit both and leave the other outlet free for you to use.

doqxD for Google Home Mini is the perfect accessory gift for your smart home or future smart home owner.